A Constant Flow of Light

10 - 25 August 2024 (Te Auaha Gallery, 65 Dixon Street, Wellington)

Deconstructed and reconstituted animation: An immersive installation of hand painted frames, looping animation and sketch-portraits by Simon Ray.

A Constant Flow of Light is a mesmerising installation by local artist Simon Ray. The exhibition encompasses animation, audio, painting and drawing. Landscape fragments viewed from a fast moving train are deconstructed and reconstituted into hundreds of frame paintings and presented with the resulting animations. These are set against row upon row of sketch-portraits of commuters – the working, idling and dozing passengers who pass through the fleeting landscape. Simon is an award-winning artist, animator and educator. He is a lecturer and Program Lead of Animation and Visual Effects at Te Herenga Waka, Victoria University of Wellington.

Te Auaha Gallery
10 - 25 August 2024
Launch Fri 9 Aug 5.30-7.30
8:30am - 6pm Mon - Fri
10am - 3pm Weekends
Free entry