Gallery Policy

Te Auaha NZ Institute of Creativity is a purpose-built six-floor building on the corner of Cuba and Dixon Streets, right in the heart of Wellington. Te Auaha brings together the arts and creative programmes of Whitireia and WelTec and is home to multiple fabulous venues – the gallery, two theatres, a cinema, dance studios, a bar, a café, sound studios and more. The diverse venues at Te Auaha welcome an equally diverse range of multi-disciplinary activity to create a vibrant creative hub.

Te Auaha Gallery is located on the ground floor of the building with floor to ceiling windows facing Dixon Street.

The gallery is run by the Te Auaha Producer, with the support of the Te Auaha Gallery Governance Group, the members of which are selected for their knowledge of the arts and their high level of involvement in the creative industries.

Purpose of Te Auaha Gallery:
  • To exhibit the work of:
    • Te Auaha students in the final year of their qualification.
    • Whitireia and Weltec graduates who have achieved recognition and developed a professional practice.
    • Te Auaha tutors as part of their creative and professional practice.
    • Professional artists and curators from the local, national and international community.
  • To engage with the local, national and international arts and culture communities.
  • To engage with arts activities in Wellington, including festivals, shows and exhibitions from New Zealand and overseas.
  • The gallery is a public arena, where the best of creative practice is exemplified by professional exhibition and curation.


The gallery is a curated space and decisions about what is exhibited are made by Te Auaha. From time to time Te Auaha Gallery will have open exhibition slots to fill and will invite proposals. If artists or curators are interested in proposing an exhibition, they are encouraged to get in contact with Te Auaha Producer Olivia Kirikiri, who will advise when the next slot in Te Auaha Gallery is available. If the slot suits, we will invite your proposal. The proposals will be discussed by the Gallery Governance Group for their relevance & contribution to Te Auaha and the wider Arts Community of Wellington.         

Exhibition proposals should contain the following information:
  • Outline the type of work including, concept, media, quantity and any special requirements.
  • Provide images. If the work has not yet been made, then include relevant examples of previous work and images of work-in progress.

  • Include a concept and/or an artist philosophy with a description of the value of the exhibition to Te Auaha and the arts community. 
  • Explain how the gallery space will be used. Include a description or plan of how the work will be presented.
  • Curriculum vitae of all exhibitors and associated curators.

Include any endorsements from esteemed organisations or individuals in the associated craft or industry. 


For external exhibitors the following procedures should be adhered to:

  • All works need to be ready for hanging and/or placement. Any hanging materials and tools required will be provided by the exhibitor.
  • Installation and de-installation will be the responsibility of the exhibitor with advice provided by Te Auaha as required. An assistant to help with installation is available as per cost below.
  • All free-standing objects should be secured to prevent falling. The exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that all content, artworks, installations or objects are installed in a way that will not endanger gallery visitors.
  • The installation will be reviewed by the Te Auaha Gallery Governance Group and the Te Auaha Venues Technical Manager before the exhibition is open to the public.
  • Te Auaha reserves the right to cancel or withdraw exhibition works at any time.
  • Promotion will be shared by the exhibitor and Te Auaha. Te Auaha will support the exhibitor with curatorial advice, marketing and publicity advice, and can sell work on behalf of the artists.
  • All exhibition invitations, posters and promotion should include the Te Auaha logo and need sign-off from the Te Auaha Gallery Producer.
  • Exhibition costs associated with an exhibition at Te Auaha Gallery to be covered by the exhibitor include:
    • Daily venue hire fees – please discuss rates with the Producer.
    • 30% commission on all sales made as a result of the exhibition.
    • Refreshments for opening event.
    • Signage
    • Experienced assistant to help with installation, $180 per day, if required.

Te Auaha Gallery, 65 Dixon Street, Wellington

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm (except during exhibition changeover times). Weekend opening hours of your choice can be arranged.

CONTACT Olivia Kirikiri | Producer | Te Auaha NZ Institute of Creativity