26 - 27 July 2024 (Tapere Nui, Te Auaha, 65 Dixon Street, Wellington)

From Japanese mountains to NZ shores, feel the rhythm of taiko resonate.

Experience how the deep tones of taiko (japanese drumming) can resonate in the mind, body and soul. Just as waves ripple down a beach, our passion and energy resonates in the air with every strike of the drum.

Taiko is the art of Japanese ensemble drumming, evolved from ancient traditions and infused with modern jazz and cross-cultural influences.

Narukami Taiko is celebrating 10 years with Resonance. Started by Jessie Gibbs and named after the Japanese god of thunder and lightning, Narukami Taiko is now ten years old.

Over the last decade our members have formed firm friendships around the world as we work together to learn the principles of taiko, new techniques and a variety of songs, both modern and traditional.

As the largest taiko team in Aotearoa we perform regularly throughout the motu, including opening WOMAD 2023 and a sell-out 5th anniversary concert in 2018. Get your tickets quickly for this concert!

This concert is a celebration of our team's past, present and future. It's a showcase of the spirit of taiko that resonates amongst everyone whose heartbeat speeds at the sound of drums.

Friday 26th July 7-9pm 

Saturday 27th July 1:30 - 3:30pm and 7-9pm